Kurlbaum's Heirloom Tomatoes

We plant over 40 varieties of tomatoes each year.  All of them are heirloom.


On this page are pictures and descriptions of many of the tomatoes we grow.   The wonderful thing about heirlooms is not only their old-fashioned flavors, but the variety in color, shape and even taste.  JUST IMAGINE!


Much as in wine tasting, each tomato brings forth differences in acidity, sweetness and texture.  The gelcoat around the seeds can be very jelly like or less so.  Some are more meaty while others are more viscous.


Understanding these differences is why top Chefs order specific heirlooms for their dishes and pairing with wines and beers.  Next time, you'll know not to just ask for heirlooms (that's asking for the wine) but to ask for your favorite by name!




Arkansas Traveler

Aunt Ruby's Green

Big Rainbow


Black Krim

Black Pineapple



Cherokee Purple

Cherokee Chocolate


Italian Heirloom

Dr Wyche



Emerald Apple



Juanne Flamme

Green Zebra

Gold Medal

Yellow Brandywine





Tasty Evergreen

Hillbilly Potato Leaf

Italian Heirloom


      Yellow Mortgage Lifter

Mortgage Lifter



Black Pineapple